Sep 22, 2015

Week Announcement 9-20-2015

Week Announcement 9-20-2015

Category:Ice Hockey 

********Western Kansas Outlaws official team jerseys are now available for order***********




You must have the form filled out, and pay for the jersey. We will not order jerseys on credit. Sizing instructions are on the order website. We will not be responsible for jersey orders that are the wrong size. If you have a practice jersey or another hockey jersey, you can measure it to determine the size. Please follow the measuring instructions. NOT ALL HOCKEY JERSEYS ARE THE SAME. Just because a small practice jersey fits doesn't mean the small game jersey will. Buy a little large if you want it to last longer. Game jerseys are optional, you are not required to get one.

Here is the order page link. Only online orders will be accepted.


********USED SKATES***********


Used skates will be available for purchase on Thursday 9/24 Stacey will have our used skate stock out from 6:30 to 7:30. Several sizes are available for $20 or less.


********Sharpening Services**************


Coach Chuck will sharpen your skates for $10.00. This is by appointment only, please email him at


Sharpening services are also available at the arena in the skate rental booth. Who you use is your choice.


********Text alerts**************


Every week we send out text alerts reminding you about practice times. If you are not receiving these please let us know, and give use the correct phone number. You can contact us here.