My kid has never skated, how can they play hockey?

WE TEACH KIDS AND ADULTS TO SKATE! Most are skating and playing hockey by the 3rd or 4th practice.

Is hockey expensive?

It costs less than some other activities! Dues are $48.00/Season for kids 7 and older - $20/Season for 6 and under, Skate rental is $3.00 a night. Gear Rental is $80.00 for the season.

Isn’t hockey violent?

Body checking, or hitting is not permitted under the age of 14 and no fighting is allowed. Protective cages and mouth guards are worn, so – no, they will not lose any teeth!

Why should I choose hockey over other sports?

Hockey is a very active sport, there is constant movement and everyone gets to play, all the time - no bench warming like other sports! Hockey develops kids physically and emotionally while enhancing balance, agility and coordination. It also teaches sportsmanship and teamwork. Unlike other youth sports, hockey coaches are required to have hours of training before stepping out onto the ice.

My kids can’t make it in September, can they still sign up?

Absolutely!! You may start at any time. Your child is not required to start in September.

I want to coach, what do I need to do?

We require an AAU membership which is $16.00. You can help on or off the ice. If you are on the ice, we require a Helmet, and Gloves. You'll need to be on skates, no one out on the ice without skates.